Sieve: Vacation not working (solved)

Garry garry at
Thu May 28 05:39:03 EDT 2009

Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
> --On 27. Mai 2009 22:42:30 -0400 "Gottschalk, David"
> <dgottsc at> wrote:
>> Well, I tried to enable this same feature this evening in sendmail, but
>> ran into some problems. Forgive me as I am complete novice when it comes
>> to enabling this feature in sendmail. I enabled this in my,
> You didn't actually edit the .cf file, did you? That's not how it
> works ... you need to edit the .mc and generate the .cf.
He didn't, he put it in the .mc and m4'd it ... anyway, I suppose the
cause is the rather old sendmail 8.12 he is running, which most likely
doesn't have the appropriate files for cyrusv2 as a mailer yet ...

I'm not sure if it will be sufficient to just add the appropriate config
files, or if the cyrusv2-files require some additional functionality
inside sendmail 8.13.x that might not be present in earlier versions ...


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