Unable to remove folder

Lazara F. Adorno Martins lazara at ipt.br
Tue May 26 11:32:46 EDT 2009


By mistake, when we created a user with dot, the user was created out of the cyrus structure "user/". 
The problem is: We can't remove "useredilxx/silva". 

When lm command:

localhost.localdomain> lm
user/zixx/Rascunhos (\HasNoChildren)
user/zuxx (\HasChildren)
user/zuxx/Enviados (\HasNoChildren)
user/zuxx/Lixeira (\HasNoChildren)
user/zuxx/Rascunhos (\HasNoChildren)
useredilxx/silva (\HasNoChildren)

When we try to locate user, the structure is:


The folder useredilxx/silva appear for all user.

Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance for your help.

Lázara F. Adorno
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