Sieve filter with spaces

Gabriele Bulfon gbulfon at
Tue May 26 08:50:17 EDT 2009 would I let it match the complete From header instead of just the email address?
I assumed that "from" was all the from string, including the display name.
And...actually I have remembrances of having the same problem with a Subject containing spaces...
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Oggetto: Re: Sieve filter with spaces
Quoting Gabriele Bulfon <gbulfon at>:
> Hello,
> I'm having trouble with some filters that match a sentence with spaces.
> Is there a special way I should specify spaces in a rule?
> This is the rule that is not considered at all:
> ...
> elsif allof (address :contains ["from"] "Mall LM Giver") {
>         fileinto "SL.Mall";
> }
> ...
> The mails that should be matched, all contains this header:
> ...
> From: "Mall LM Giver"
> <2yojfioavbclku66o6sizjkk32inpbiaqqbysp3foyqi2d5lsrknu3ks6svsd35v at>
> ...
The space is not the problem. String has to match the address not
the display name. In your case
"2yojfioavbclku66o6sizjkk32inpbiaqqbysp3foyqi2d5lsrknu3ks6svsd35v at"
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