Sieve: Vacation not working

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Tue May 26 08:48:30 EDT 2009

Check out my thread going on this.

I'm having the same issue.

How do you hand off mail from Sendmail to Cyrus? I'm thinking that could be my issue, maybe yours too.

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I have a SuSE Enterprise 10 system set up, which is running smoothly ...
I have Cyrus 2.2.12 on it, which too is working fine - IMAP, SASL-Auth,
the whole 9 yards ... even Sieve itself is fine, messages are moved to
the appropriate folders as directed in the Sieve config ...

Here's an excerpt from the Sieve script:

require [ "vacation" , "fileinto" ] ;

## Flag: |UniqueId:1|Rulename: SpamMsg
if header :contains "From" "gkg"
    fileinto "INBOX.Spam" ;

## Flag: vacation|UniqueId:0|Rulename: Abwesenheitsbenachrichtigung
if true
    vacation :days 7 :addresses [ "admin at" ,
"admin at" ] :subject "Ich bin nicht da ..." "blah" ;

The message is received, but according to /var/log/messages, nothing
happens apart from it being stored locally ...

I'm somewhat at a loss as to where else I can check for the reason of it
not working ... couldn't find anything on Google that would have been
helpful, either ... maybe somebody could point me in the right direction
... ?!

Tnx, -garry
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