Cyrus + Sieve

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Thu May 21 15:53:34 EDT 2009

> Well, I think duplicate surpression might be already working. I just
> looked at my logs and see entries for it.
> I don’t have a deliver.db though, which is interesting. I did look at
> the Cyrus change log, and noticed that at some point they did merge the
> deliver.db and the duplicate.db.

Hm, IIRC the duplicate db is always stored in deliver.db.

> Any other ideas I could try, or tests I could do?

The thread is already quite long and I don't remember all details. But the
problem you report is very common. Everything works but vacation does not.
It usually boils down to the fact that everything is okay but the tester
thinks it doesn't because he expects a message but cyrus thinks it has
already sent one message.
One thing you might check is your "sendmail" option in imapd.conf. Does it
point to a usable sendmail command which really does the right thing?


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