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Carlos Horowicz wrote:

CH> is there anybody maintaining up-to-date amd64 debian packages
CH> for cyrus-imapd ? (I only use FreeBSD ports por cyrus-imap,
CH> don't know if there are "port maintainers" in the
CH> Debian/Ubuntu world).

Yes, kind of.

There are no 2.3.x binaries in official Debian (yet).  This is
considered a bug.  2.3.14 _is_, however, in the Debian svn repo in such
a state that you should be able simply to check it out/export it from

type "dpkg-buildpackage" and get a set of binary packages.

Try this, and if it breaks, shout at me.

There are several reasons why there aren't official binaries, mostly
centred around picking a version of BDB to build against (the above dev
version will use whatever you have installed on the build system, which
is not deterministic enough for a proper release).

The Debian BDB team understandably want to limit the number of BDB
versions they have to support.  The Debian Cyrus team has been reluctant
to take any more risk than the Debian OpenLDAP team, who only recently
switched from 4.2 to 4.7.

It would be useful to hear from this list what other people's experience
with different BDB versions has been, and whether Cyrus's BDB code is
officially supposed to work with 4.7 (I know it does).

The other major thing we need to fix in Debian is the lack of a clean,
automated upgrade path from 2.2 for users of small self-contained
systems.  Historically a file specifying the backend DB defaults and BDB
version has been used to stop the init scripts working until the
sysadmin has manually ensured all the databases are upgraded.  This is
not really considered elegant.

Internally at Sirius, we have a package set based on Debian (well,
actually now it's more the other way round) with a whole slew of extra
features like the UoA auto-* patches, my TLS fixes, client certs patch,
and PTS LDAP enabled (but patched to work slightly differently)...
Controversy-permitting, some of these should find their way into Debian
mainline RSN.

To answer your question: yes, Lenny on amd64 is our primary deployment



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