Incorrect sort order when sorting by date

Andy Bennett andyjpb at
Mon May 18 07:45:08 EDT 2009


> I am running cyrus imapd 2.2.13 on NetBSD, as installed from pkgsrc.

I've also got a cyrus + roundcube installation and I see the same 
problem. I've got cyrus 2.2.13-10 on Debian etch.

The out of order messages in my INBOX just happen to be spam and some 
have weird character sets.

The dates of sorted message in my INBOX are

06.01.2010 01:00 (spam)
28.12.2008 13:23 (spam)
28.12.2008 07:36 (spam)
28.12.2008 01:00 (spam)
18.05.2009 12:18
18.05.2009 12:12

When I sort in mailbox order the 28.12.2008 messages sort somewhere in 
the middle, roughly where I'd expect them.

When I sort with the IMAP date sort the 28.12.2008 messages always seem 
to bubble to the top, even after new mail is delivered.


andyjpb at

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