Problem migrating acls.

John McMonagle johnm at
Fri May 15 07:15:26 EDT 2009

Working on migrating our debian sarge cyrus mail to kolab 2.2.1.
That would be  cyrus 2.1.18  to cyrus 2.3.13.
The problem is in the old cyrus users are specified as userid the new is 
userid at domain.

I'll summarize  what I have done.
With new cyrus stopped.
I copied the mail spool over to the correct spot with correct permissions.
Did ctl_mboxlist -d on old server.
edited  with
awk 'BEGIN { FS = "\t" } ;{print "!" $1 "\t" $2 "\t" 
$3"" "\t" $4   }' /tmp/mboxlist.txt > /tmp/newmbox.txt

Sample from old dump mboxlist.txt
user.test       default test    lrswipcda       mailadm lrswipcda
user.test.Drafts        default test    lrswipcda       mailadm lrswipcda
user.test.Sent  default test    lrswipcda       mailadm lrswipcda
user.test.Trash default test    lrswipcda       mailadm lrswipcda

Sample from New newmbox.txt:!user.test   default test at        lrswipcda!user.test.Drafts    default test at        lrswipcda!user.test.Sent      default test at        lrswipcda!user.test.Trash     default test at        lrswipcda

loaded with ctl_mboxlist -u on the new server

Did cyrreconstruct and it finds all the new mail boxes.

start cyrus

in cyradm
lm user/test at
user/test at (\HasChildren)
lam user/test at

If I add with sam it's ok.

Did a  test and it appears that the acls are defined in the cyrus.header 

For example:
Cyrus mailbox header
"The best thing about this system was that it had lots of goals."
       --Jim Morris on Andrew!user.test   1513ee1e4424dbbc
test at        lrswipcda       mailadm lrswipcda

I edited the last line and then ran cyrreconstruct.
Now acl is OK.

Is this how to do it?
Is there a better way?
Is the mbox dump and upload really needed?



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