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Thu May 14 06:46:41 EDT 2009

Jure Pečar wrote:

JP> I'm setting up a company internal mail system with a central point
JP> of management.  I chose ldap for auth, mail routing and antispam
JP> info. Now I'm looking at shared folders and find them very useful
JP> for what I want to do. My only problem is that their permissions
JP> need to be set within cyrus (as they are basically imap
JP> permissions), which means another admin interface for that.

Not necessarily.  You can probably do most of it with the Cyrus pts ldap
module.  Unfortunately that's currently a very prickly beast to
configure.  I had to read the source code more than once to understand
how to make it respect "group:foo" ACLs in the context of what I
consider a "normal" LDAP tree.

When I get my head out of my current project, I'd like to start a
discussion with interested parties (Wes?) wrt how pts ldap _ought_ to

JP> So I'm looking for ideas on how to integrate the two. Does anyone
JP> know a web ui of some sort that would integrate editing ldap and
JP> imap flags? Before we start writing our own ...

Our intention is to tweak GOsa which solves
most of the problem already.


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