finding by message id

Brian Awood bawood at
Thu May 7 11:15:50 EDT 2009

On Tuesday 05 May 2009 @ 09:45, Gabriele Bulfon wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got a message logged by posfix with a specific message id, and
> stated as correctly sent to cyrus. But the user of the imap mailbox
> is sure that he never received that message. No filter is setup to
> move the message elsewhere, and no error is visible anywhere. So,
> I've got the message id from the postfix log.
> I know that cyrus checks for duplicate ids, so he's got quick
> knoweledge of every id in the imap folders. How can I ask cyrus for
> an ID and see if it actually exists somewhere? And how to find it
> without having to scan all imap folders?
> Thanx for any help.

You can try cyr_dbtool,  whether the message ID is still listed or not 
will depend on how long ago it was delivered and the time period used 
for clearing the duplicate database.  Usually 
	cyr_expire -E "somevalue"
is run on a regular basis to prune old entries from the database. 
The message IDs are written to the file deliver.db, the location and 
format depends on your configuration.  For example if it's 
in /var/imap and a berkeley-nosync database you could run;
	cyr_dbtool /var/imap/deliver.db berkeley-nosync show |grep "MSGID"


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