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Hahahaha, yes you're true....all users lie...
Yes, I believe I can do what you said about logging, but it's too late now...
I just wondered if there were some kind of cyrus utlity or just db utility to
see if cyrus considers that id already used....and maybe where...
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--On 5. Mai 2009 15:45:36 +0200 Gabriele Bulfon <gbulfon at> wrote:
> I've got a message logged by posfix with a specific message id, and
> stated as correctly sent to cyrus. But the user of the imap mailbox is
> sure that he never received that message.
All users lie.
> No filter is setup to move the
> message elsewhere, and no error is visible anywhere. So, I've got the
> message id from the postfix log.
> I know that cyrus checks for duplicate ids, so he's got quick knoweledge
> of every id in the imap folders. How can I ask cyrus for an ID and see if
> it actually exists somewhere? And how to find it without having to scan
> all imap folders?
Cyrus can log the message id's it delivers, e.g.:
May  5 15:49:24 lvr13 lmtpunix[1219]: Delivered:
<101915.23.1241531136265.JavaMail.gbulfon at pgbulfon> to mailbox: user.a0620
I'm not sure which log level you need to get these messages.
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