Calling all regressions

Carson Gaspar carson at
Thu Mar 12 05:55:03 EDT 2009

Bron Gondwana wrote:

> AAA+++ to cyr_conf!  I'll write it up :)  I think we want it to have the
> following spec:
> * cyr_conf  - output all configuration variables and their current value
> * cyr_conf -C $file - as above with the following config file
> * cyr_conf -n $name - all configuration variables for process $name
>               (eg cyr_conf -n imapd => show imapd overrides where given)
> * cyr_conf -q - only show variables that are different than default
>   - those three can be mixed and matched
> * cyr_conf -D - show all the DEFAULT variables.  Obviously, ignores all
>                 other options!

Please include one of the most useful options that postconf has 
(postconf -n) - emit only those config key/value pairs that are not set 
to their default values. More often useful in real life than just 
emitting all config key/value pairs.


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