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Tue Mar 10 13:58:24 EDT 2009

On Tue, 2009-03-10 at 13:42 -0400, Gottschalk, David wrote:
> Hi All,
>   I have a question regarding a vacation application for Cyrus servers. I want
>  to know what others are using to meet this need. Currently, we have a home 
> grown application that allows users to enable/disable vacation messages for 
> their Cyrus accounts. This application is old and outdated, and needs to be 
> replaced. I found the Horde vacation application which looks like it will 
> meet my needs, but I have one issue. We currently have three Cyrus servers 

We use Horde's Ingo application which I assume is what your referring
to.  It works very well and is relatively "pretty".

> with all the accounts spread out across those three servers. The problem I
>  am running into with any vacation application, is how to identify to the 
> vacation application which server a user is on without the user needing to
>  know this information. Is anyone else in a similar situation?

Could you use Horde hooks to this?  Horde hooks are pretty easy and they
can set values you then refer to in your sources configuration.

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