Announcing cyrus-user-map, a local recipient map generator for Postfix

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Tue Mar 10 06:09:37 EDT 2009


Le 10.03.2009 02:56, Reinaldo de Carvalho a écrit :
>> So I wrote a little tool that generates and update this map
>> automatically, with the help of cron. You can download the script and
>> documentation from my website
>> or from GitHub:
> Its not necessary use ruby (or another language) merely to call shell
> commands, do it on pure (ba|c|k)sh.
You're right! But I chose a somewhat cleaner and higher level language 
to have a more readable script. You may rewrite it in *sh if you're 
interested and I'll include it in my package or add a link to it.

It's also a proactive choice for the reason that Ruby is gaining in 
popularity, is available on many server platforms (even Sun promotes 
Ruby) and I'm pushing the use of Ruby for agile sysadmin tasks :) This 
is off-topic but interested *french speaking* people can view my 
lightning talk in this subjet:

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