[OT] Korreio: free software announce, Cyrus related

Reinaldo de Carvalho reinaldoc at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 23:53:30 EST 2009


Korreio is a GUI to mail management with support to LDAP, CYRUS and
POSTFIX. It is a free software hosted on http://korreio.sf.net.

It has some integrated modules:

- LDAP management to add, modify and delete entries with many
facilities including Password Change and Samba Populate.
- Cyrus-IMAP Mailbox management to create, delete, reconstruct, share
(full ACLs support), set quota and available annotations like expire.
- Cyrus-IMAP Partition Manager to move mailboxes into IMAP-partitions,
and show report about quota availability.
- Sieve management to send, active and delete scripts (some template
available) for one, some or all imap users. At last version sieve
editor have many improvements.
- Postfix Queue manager to build tree based on 'postqueue -p' by a SSH
connection. Can delete, hold on, unhold, requeue by QUEUEID or by
sender also show message content.
- Postfix config interface modify main.cf, postmap files and a remote
text editor through SSH.

See screenhosts: http://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=206408

Have fun.

Reinaldo de Carvalho

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