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Dan White dwhite at
Tue Jun 30 09:29:26 EDT 2009

Ana Ribas Roca wrote:
> I'd like knowing if I can obtain more log information, than the  
> habitual in cyrus, about the imap accesses.
> I need to register all the activity of every mailbox (deleted  
> messages, folders creation ...)
> Is it possible? How?
> I've changed the syslog configuration file, adding and  
> local6.debug, but i haven't seen any difference in the log file.
> Can someone help me, please?
> Thank's in advance and sorry for my bad english.


Since mailbox/folder administration is usually performed over IMAP, you 
can enable telemetry logging to capture that information. see 
'doc/overview.html' within the cyrus-imapd source for documentation. e.g.:

mkdir /var/lib/cyrus/log/cyrus    (for the cyrus user)
chown cyrus:mail /var/lib/cyrus/log/cyrus

mkdir /var/lib/cyrus/log/dwhite   (for user dwhite)
chown cyrus:mail /var/lib/cyrus/log/dwhite

Also, you may want to add this to imapd.conf:
sasl_log_level: 7

- Dan

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