Auth mech for sync_client/sync_server

Martin Schweizer schweizer.martin at
Thu Jun 11 01:42:59 EDT 2009


I have two server which are up to date with Cyrus IMAP v2.3.14 on
FreeBSD 7.1. I sync them with the following config options:

Server2 (sync_client)
sync_host: server4
sync_authname: user
sync_password: password
sync_machineid: 1
sync_log: 1
sync_repeat_interval: 1

Server4 (sync_master)
sync_machineid: 2
sync_repeat_interval: 1

So far all works well. In /var/log/messages I see  regulary the
following message:

Jun 11 07:15:20 server4 syncserver[79013]: login: server2
[] cyrus DIGEST-MD5 User logged in

This means that Server2 logs in Server4 and download the data. Can I
change the mech DIGEST-MD5 in any way? Or has the parameter


in /usr/local/etc/imapd.conf any action to the sync_client/sync_server
communication? I ask this because my clients do not longer need

Kind regards,
Martin Schweizer
schweizer.martin at
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