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Mon Jun 8 19:19:49 EDT 2009

 Dan White schrieb:
> When authenticating via CRAM-MD5, the pwcheck_method will be ignored. 
 > Your chosen pwcheck_method should only be referenced when 
 > authenticating 
 > via a 'plaintext' authentication mechanism - LOGIN or PLAIN.
Good to know. I must have omitted this part of the manual.:-)

> The fact 
 > that mtest attempted to authenticate via CRAM-MD5 probably means that 
 > you are advertising CRAM-MD5 support within imapd.conf.

Actually cyrus seems to do that by his own!? Adding sasl_mech_list: PLAIN LOGIN to imapd.conf stops advertising it.

As cyrus on this server will only be used by system users and with a secure connection, I think I will use it with PLAIN and pam.

Thanks for help.

Best Regards,

Oliver Block

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