Lmtp w/ Postfix and LDAP: change mailbox name when saving mail.

k bah kbah at linuxmail.org
Tue Jan 20 13:12:33 EST 2009


  On my LDAP server, the uid field of each user (person) is: "username~domain.org".
  I correctly set up cyrus and saslauthd to authenticate with the username as the LDAP field above. A simple Horde hook does the job to make "user at whatever domain he/she typed" into "user~whatever domain...".
 When authenticating, if the mailbox does not exist it gets created (autocreatequota is nonzero on imapd.conf). The mailbox is created following that naming convention (username~domain..).

 createonpost is set to 1 on imapd.conf

 My problem is when saving incoming mail. The mailbox "username~domain.org" is not created, instead it creates a mailbox named "username" (actually user/username, and "username~domain.org" is actually "user/username~domain.org"). Other relevant (I think) options from imapd.conf:

 unixhierarchysep: 1
username_tolower: 1
normalizeuid: 1

 Only /etc/saslauthd.conf contains stuff about LDAP. I tried setting ldap_* options on imapd.conf (as the imapd.conf man page tells) but I guess they are not read when mail is arriving to the system (Postfix/Cyrus lmtp).

 Is it possible to (automatically) create mailboxes with that naming convention? I want cyrus to save mail to "username~domain.org" instead of "username".

 thanks in advance

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