Quota on subfolders question.

k bah kbah at linuxmail.org
Wed Jan 14 13:51:22 EST 2009

user/someuser~domain.com (\HasChildren)                        
user/someuser~domain.com/Drafts (\HasNoChildren)               
user/someuser~domain.com/INBOX (\HasNoChildren)                
user/someuser~domain.com/2008 Messages (\HasNoChildren)  
user/someuser~domain.com/Sent (\HasNoChildren)                 
user/someuser~domain.com/Spam (\HasNoChildren)                 
user/someuser~domain.com/Trash (\HasNoChildren)


 The above folder/subfolder structure is how my users mailboxes are now.

 Q1) If INBOX has a 50Mb quota (autocreatequota on imapd.conf) and the other subfolders do not have a quota configured via cyradm, all of them respect the 50Mb limit, right? The sum of all of them cannot be more than 50Mb.

 Q2) If I set a quota higher than 50Mb to any of those subfolders, say 60Mb for Trash, then can the user move messages to the Trash folder until they sum 55Mb (all messages on Trash sum 55Mb), *without* affecting the INBOX limit? I mean, the user will still be able to receive messages if Trash has 55Mb?

 thanks for you time

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