Elusive replication bug in 2.3.13

Simon Matter simon.matter at invoca.ch
Wed Jan 14 01:49:40 EST 2009

>> Since I upgraded to 2.3.13 (Invoca RPM rev 4) I've been running into a
>> mysterious replication bug. In some circumstances, creating a user with
>> a
>> three
>> letter long username causes the sync master process to choke, on either
>> signal
>> 11 or 6. Like this:
> Interestingly, we just encountered this as well after a new rebuild from
> CVS.
> I got a stack back trace, which showed realloc() was choking. I looked at
> the code around there, and couldn't see anything obviously wrong. Bron
> looked at it and saw the problem in 10 seconds. I think I've been out of
> practice with C programming for too long :)
> The bug occured in this commit where Ken changed a glob() call to a custom
> readdir() loop.
> http://github.com/brong/cyrus-imapd/commit/56d0823d3192ea13fa3afe397d625252b16252b9
> There's a missing sizeof() in there meaning that if you have > 25 quotas
> in
> a dir (or > 12 on a 64-bit build), you'll have memory corruption occuring.
> Here's the patch to fix:
> http://github.com/brong/cyrus-imapd/commit/1de9d758aeb360714236388c4e1689db0522c21e

Maybe it's just the lack of caffeine in the early morning, but, isn't
there a way to simply _download_ a single diff from github.com?
Thanks for any insights.


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