Issue with pop3s abnormally terminating

Wesley Craig wes at
Mon Jan 12 16:04:16 EST 2009

Kinda looks like a port probe.  telnet to the pop3s port and then use  
the telnet escape key to quit the connection.  If you'd like to  
submit a patch to reduce the level of logging for these errors to  
something a little more sane (like DEBUG), I'm sure it would be  
accepted through Bugzilla.


On 12 Jan 2009, at 12:00, anebi at wrote:
> we have installed cyrus-imapd-2.3.7-2 on Centos 5. Everything work  
> very
> well, but last days i noticed that we get an error related with pop3s.
> The error is this:
> Jan  4 05:45:20 herm pop3s[21598]: pop3s failed:
> []
> Jan  4 05:45:20 herm pop3s[21598]: Fatal error: tls_start_servertls()
> failed
> Jan  4 05:45:20 herm master[3688]: process 21598 exited, status 75
> Jan  4 05:45:20 herm master[3688]: service pop3s pid 21598 in BUSY
> state: terminated abnormally
> I tested pop3s with pop3test tool and also with a real user that was
> configured to use pop3s. It is login in successful and i tried to
> reproduce this error, but i still cannot do it.
> I checked my configuration files related with cyrus-imap.  
> Everything is
> ok. Imap/Pop3 with TLS and Imaps/Pop3s are working good.
> Why this happen and how to solve this problem?
> Do i need to increase some number of processes for pop3 or something
> different?
> I read in the net a lot of comments about this problem, but i still
> can't find a solution for this.
> I will be happy if someone give me solve direction to troubleshoot  
> this
> problem and try to solve it.

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