Issue with POP accounts getting locked.

Ashay Chitnis chitnis.ashay at
Mon Jan 12 02:20:05 EST 2009

Dear All,

I have been facing this issue for quite some time now.

We have a shared hosting server and cyrus-imapd-2.3.7-4. The issue is as

1. Most of the time some of our roaming POP service users connect to the
server via a Data card on their laptops. Due to the travel they receive
varying bandwidth through their ISP and at times their email client
disconnects the POP server without properly terminating the POP session.
Thus leaving the stale lock on the pop server. We have to manually remove
the lock every time such thing happens. (We also use a script to do this)

2. Issue occurs when there is access to the email POP account from multiple
Email Client at the same time. The users face issue of POP lock.

I assume this is protocol level issue faced by cyrus,  Can anyone tell me if
there is any updated cyrus version /patch  where in we can eliminate the
issue of

1. Stale lock getting ever created on the server.
2. Multiple email clients can login at the same time.

For issue 1.  is concerned as far as my experience goes cyrus faces the
issue of stale locks more often than other POP servers.

Does anyone has any remedy on this?

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