different Cert for POP/IMAP

Andreas Winkelmann ml at awinkelmann.de
Sat Jan 10 05:07:06 EST 2009

> I'm using cyrus with IMAPs and POP3s and would like to use different
> certificates
> Looking at the default imap.conf file I have different parameters for a
> global certificate
> As well as individual params for Cert/keys for IMAP/ POPs etc.
> When configuring the individual parameter pop3_tls_cert_file and
> pop3_tls_key_file it seems these params are ignord.
> Looking at the manpage (man imapd.conf) are not mentioned.
> Though I' not a programmer, I had a look at the source itself and did not
> find any hint for the
> Use of pop3_tls_cert_file and pop3_tls_key_file.
> These params are useless - can anybody confirm this?
> How can I use different Certificates for pop and imap ?

This overrides do not work with all Options. The two you mentioned will
not work this way.

Your chance is to use diffrent imapd.conf-Files for each Daemon and
specify it in cyrus.conf.

Create one common imapd.conf for all common options and for each Daemon
one with the special Options. Then you can use the include-Statement to
include the common one to the specials.

imapd -C imapd_imapd.conf
pop3d -C pop3d_imapd.conf

man imapd.conf
man pop3d
man imapd


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