choosing a file system

Robert Banz rob at
Fri Jan 9 01:13:25 EST 2009

> There's a significant upfront cost to learning a whole new system
> for one killer feature, especially if it comes along with signifiant
> regressions in lots of other features (like a non-sucky userland
> out of the box).


The "non-sucky" userland comment is simply a matter of preference, and  
bait for a religious war, which I'm not going to bite.

What I will say is that switching between Solaris, Linux, IRIX,  
Ultrix, FreeBSD, HP-UX, OSF/1 -- any *nix variant, should not be  
considered a stumbling block. Your comment shows the narrow-mindedness  
of the current Linux culture, many of us were brought up supporting  
and using a collection of these platforms at any one time.

(notice, didn't mention AIX. I've got my standards ;)

Patching is always an issue on any OS, and you do have the choice of  
running X applications remotely (booting an entire graphic  
environment!?), and many other tools available such as pca to help you  
patch on Solaris, which provide many of the features that you're used  


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