quota_db recommendations

Raphael Jaffey rjaffey at artic.edu
Wed Jan 7 18:12:00 EST 2009

I've encountered a bug in the 2.3.13 IMAP server running on RHEL AS  
4.6, which appears to be related to the use of the default 'quota_db:  
quotalegacy' and certain patterns within the user namespace.

When there are a large number of entries in a branch of the quota  
hierarchy which share a common root in the username and a new entry is  
created which matches the common root exactly, the user matching the  
common root cannot replicate and the user's inbox cannot be deleted.


There are 50 users ranging from aa0 to aa49 all having a quota on  
their inboxes (mailboxes user.aa0, user.aa1, etc, and  
quota/a/user.aa0, quota/a/user.aa1,...).

Replication is active.

Creating a user aa (mailbox user.aa) causes replication to fail  
repeatedly until the "USER aa" record is removed from the replication  

Deleting the mailbox ("sam user.aa cyrus all", "dm user.aa") causes  
either a segfault in glibc's _int_malloc(), a "*** glibc detected ***  
double free or corruption (!prev):...", or "*** glibc detected ***  
corrupted double-linked list:" error reported by the imap process.   
There may be other errors as well.

While I'm in the process of testing a number of system configurations  
(RHEL AS 4 and 5, vanilla cyrus, invoca cyrus package) and will submit  
details to bugzilla, I need to address this problem immediately as  
this affects a production environment with close to 20K inboxes.

So far, I've eliminated the aspect which affects replication by  
switching the quota_db to something other than 'quotalegacy' on the  
production replicant.  I've also confirmed in a test environment that  
switching quota_db to something other than 'quotalegacy' eliminates  
the deletion problem and am considering doing this on the production  
IMAP server.  I've been successful with 'skiplist', but unsuccessful  
with both 'berkeley' and 'berkeley-hash'.  In the latter two cases,  
while processing close to 40K 'sq user... storage ...' commands the  
associated IMAP process freezes at random points in the list of 'sq'  
commands and no further manipulation of quotas are possible via IMAP  
or the 'quota' binary.  There doesn't seem to be a way to recover when  
using 'berkeley', however, it appears that when using 'berkeley-hash',  
restarting cyrus (which runs 'ctl_cyrusdb -r') temporarily enables  
manipulation of quotas by the aforementioned methods.  Needless to  
say, I'm not sure I trust either 'berkeley' or 'berkeley-hash' at this  

Does anyone have experience using "flat" or "skiplist" for quotas?

Are either of these suitable for a moderately high volume production  
environment of the scale I mentioned?

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