choosing a file system

John Madden jmadden at
Mon Jan 5 10:49:59 EST 2009

> $ mount | wc -l
> 92


> We've found that splitting the data up into more volumes + more cyrus
> instances seems to help as well because it seems to reduce overall
> contention points in the kernel + software (eg filesystem locks spread
> across multiple mounts, db locks are spread across multiple dbs, etc)

Makes sense.  Single cyrus env here, might consider that in the future.  At 
that point though, I'd probably consider Murder or similar.

> Also one thing I did fail to mention, was that for the data volumes, you
> should definitely be using the "notail" mount option. Unfortunately that's
> not the default, and I think it probably should be. Tails packing is neat
> for saving space, but it reduces the average meta-data density, which makes
> "stating" lots of files in a directory a lot slower. I think that's what
> you might have been seeing. Of course you also mounted "noatime,nodiratime"
> on both?

Yes, we were using notail,noatime,nodiratime.


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