Cyrus "hanging" when connecting to POP3 port several times

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at
Mon Jan 5 08:36:44 EST 2009

Mike Eggleston schrieb:
> On Mon, 05 Jan 2009, Tomasz Chmielewski might have said:

>> Stracing it leads me to an empty /dev/random.
>> After looking at man pages, I see there is no option to specify an 
>> alternative random file location (i.e., /dev/urandom).
>> Is recompilation the only way to get around this problem?
> What about making a symlink from /dev/urandom to /dev/random?
> Mike
> # ln -s /dev/urandom /dev/random

# ln -s /dev/urandom /dev/random
ln: creating symbolic link `/dev/random': File exists

I know, I could (re)move /dev/random first, but then other programs 
won't have real random data where they usually expect it (/dev/random). 
Question is, do other programs really need a true /dev/random on a 
machine running IMAP/S and POP/S...

Another "workaround" is disabling APOP in imapd.conf, but it potentially 
lowers the security...

The best way would be connecting a mouse, keyboard, enabling X and 
placing some gamer to play a shooter - this should generate enough 
entropy... ;)

Tomasz Chmielewski

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