Strange bug in cyrus (missing folders with reconstruct !)

Brian Awood bawood at
Thu Dec 17 12:31:31 EST 2009

On Thursday 17 December 2009 @ 09:14, Denis BUCHER wrote:
> Hello Brian,
> Brian Awood a écrit :
> >> I think I copied with scp.
> >>
> >>> Does the CLIENT folder have at least a cyrus.index file in it?
> >>
> >> No, the CLIENT folder has only subfolders...
> >
> > Normally reconstruct doesn't recurse through directories that aren't
> > mailboxes unless you use the "-p partition" option.  If you don't
> > have a partition defined, try "-p default".
> This looks intersting, but this is what I get :
> $ /usr/sbin/cyrreconstruct -p default -rf user.psmith.CLIENTS
> user.psmith.CLIENTS does not appear to be a mailbox (no
> /var/spool/cyrus/mail/c/user/psmith/CLIENTS/cyrus.header).

Sorry about that, my recollection of -p functionality was incorrect.  It 
will add mailboxes whose parent directory isn't a mailbox, but you still 
have to specify the path to the mailbox.  So for example if you 
know /var/spool/cyrus/mail/c/user/psmith/CLIENTS/submailboxname is valid, 
/usr/sbin/cyrreconstruct -p default user/psmith/CLIENTS/submailboxname
should add "submailboxname" even if "CLIENTS" is just a directory without 
cyrus metadata.  The "-rf" functionality is slightly different because it 
needs a valid mailbox to start from.  
If you have a lot of these cases, you might be able to automate this by 
running "ctl_mboxlist -v" and cutting out the mailboxes that are listed 
as being on the filesystem but not in the database.


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