NOTICE: Debian is moving sieve to its IANA allocated port (4190)

Scott M. Likens damm at
Mon Dec 7 16:28:13 EST 2009


After reading this, I have some questions about how this will be related to upstream in the longterm development?  I know it's a vague question but I was curious how Cyrus/CMU is responding to this?



On Dec 7, 2009, at 10:32 AM, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:

> This is a general warning to those using Debian Squeeze, and Debian Sid.
> Debian Etch and Debian Lenny users are NOT affected.
> The IANA port allocated for ManageSieve is 4190/tcp, and the old port used
> by timsieved and other managesieve software in many distros (2000/tcp) is
> allocated for Cisco SCCP usage, according to the IANA registry[1].
> Starting with the version 4.38 of the Debian "netbase" package, the "sieve"
> service will be moved from port 2000 to port 4190 in the /etc/services file.
> Any installs which used the "sieve" service name instead of a numeric port
> number will switch to the new port number as soon as the services are
> restarted/reloaded, and in some cases, immediately after /etc/services is
> updated.
> This will affect Cyrus IMAP. This may also affect other sieve-enabled
> software such as DoveCot.
> In order to avoid downtime problems, mail cluster administrators using
> Debian are urged to verify their Cyrus (and probably also DoveCot) installs,
> and take measures to avoid services moving from port 2000/tcp to port
> 4190/tcp by surprise in either servers or clients.
> It is worth noting that:
> 1. /etc/services will only be automatically updated if you never made any
> modifications to it.  Otherwise, you will be presented with a prompt by ucf
> or dpkg asking you about the changes.
> 2. You can edit /etc/services and change the sieve port back to 2000 if you
> want (this is not recommended, though).
> 3. You can edit /etc/cyrus.conf and any other relevant config files for your
> mail/webmail cluster (e.g. on the sieve web frontends) ahead of time to
> force them all to a static port number.
> 4. You can configure cyrus master to listen on *both* ports (2000 and 4190)
> at the same time, and thus avoid the problem entirely.  This also allows for
> a much more smooth migration from port 2000 to port 4190.
> [1]
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