Autocreate not working (?)

nodens2099 nodens2099 at
Wed Dec 2 08:16:52 EST 2009

Le 02/12/2009 11:47, Denis BUCHER a écrit :
>> Would this be the equivalent ?
>> But now I get "Unrecognized command" when I connect to the mailbox ?
>> (Before it was something like "Inbox does not exist")
> Ok finally it seems to work with what I did before...
> So I think this was correct now...
> Feel free to comment on my script ;-)

If you want to ease the mailbox creation (you can think of it as "create 
mail user", as opposed to "system user"), there are some scripts 
available in the cyrus wiki [1]. I maintain and use [2] 
for instance. You'll probably want to add the mailbox creation to the 
user creation process.

Or, you can use the kolab-cyrus-imapd package with autocreate patch 
enabled (along with other).



Clément Hermann

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