much information from cyrus log

Ana Ribas Roca ana.ribas at
Thu Apr 23 06:06:36 EDT 2009

We need the information about which ip is connecting to which mailbox,  
and what is this user doing: opening, deleting, authenticating, ...

Thanks in advance

- ANNA -

Quoting "Andreas Winkelmann" <ml at>:

>> I'm trying to get as much information as possible from the cyrus log.
>> I've tried several modification of the syslog configuration
>> filewithout success.
>> I also create a folder at /var/log/.. per user getting as much
>> information I want but... it's in different files and folders, and
>> is per user based solution, which is difficult to administrate.
>> Any clue on how to configure cyrus and syslog to retrieve all this info?
> Maybe you should go the other way around. Tell what information you need.
> Cyrus sends alot of information with LOG_DEBUG to syslog, check if you
> catch these Messages. The directories you mentioned are telemetry Logs,
> these Dirs are in $configdirectory, which is normally not in /var/log/...
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> Andreas
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