Attachment corruption when downloading with Thunderbird...

Andy Fiddaman cyrus at
Mon Apr 20 14:15:12 EDT 2009


I'm running Cyrus IMAP 2.3.13 on Solaris (about to upgrade to 2.3.14) and a
number of my users who use Thunderbird have reported frequent corruption
of attachments.

This is particularly visible for images where they are obviously truncated.
The work-around they are using is to drag the message into another folder,
read it then drag it back.

The messages are never corrupt within Cyrus and look fine when viewed
with other clients which suggests a bug within Thunderbird or an interaction

I found some threads on the Mozilla lists which suggests that this is a
server side bug where the server reports the wrong size for message
parts and the suggested workaround is to set
mail.server.default.fetch_by_chunks to false within Thunderbird.


So, has anyone else had any reports of this behaviour or any reason to
believe that Thunderbird does not work well with Cyrus? I'm going to
enable telemetry for one of the users who has reported this and see
if I can see anything relevant in the IMAP session; any suggestions of
other places to look would be appreciated.



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