symlinking folders in the spool

Diego M. Vadell dvadell at
Sat Apr 18 13:06:32 EDT 2009


   I have a question about folders.  I want to make two folders that 
would have the same content. If you put a mail in one folder, I want to 
see it in both.

   The thing is I have a folder called "Enviados" ("Sent" in spanish) 
where our email clients put our sent messages. Lately we had some 
blackberries which put their sent messages in a folder called "Sent" and 
it looks like there is no way to configure them to put the sent items in 
the other folder.

    So I symlinked one to the other in the spool just for myself, made 
some simple tests and everything seems to work. Am I heading for 
disaster here? Is there a better way to do this that I have overlooked?

 -- Diego

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