Cyrus on 64-bit RHEL 5

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Fri Apr 10 17:49:54 EDT 2009

> Can anyone share with us their production experience with running Cyrus in
> a virtual (ESX?) env., and/or experience with running Cyrus (Simon
> Matter's RPMs, optimally) in a 64-bit Linux OS?

I'm not a fan of running anything that needs good performance on any kind
of virtualization. At least you me really check that you get good IO
performance out of it.

Running Cyrus on x86_64 Linux seems to work well. At least I didn't get
any problem report for a long time.
I have not been a fan of x86_64 because of it's mixed 32/64bit arch but
that's not really a problem these days. I was forced to migrate a server
from RHEL3/i386 to RHEL5/x86_64 and it has just worked. Both were running
my current RPMs and with the default database config used in the RPMs. I
could just shutdown the old box, rsync -aH to the new box and start it up.
However, you may search the archives because I think there can be problems
with certain database backends (BDB) when doing the migration. The RPM
should still take care of it because it converts all BDB to skiplist on
shutdown to make things easy to migrate.


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