'stage.' ???

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmail.fm
Wed Apr 1 18:13:19 EDT 2009

On Wed, Apr 01, 2009 at 04:03:04PM -0400, Jeff Blaine wrote:
> What's this all about?
> imap:linus> pwd
> /var/spool/imap
> imap:linus> ls stage.
> 10014-1214461933-0  14035-1214433131-0  22926-1214436731-0 
> 3797-1214451132-0

Looks like you had a bunch of crashes back in June last year
and they left a bunch of stage files in place.  Usually lmtp
deliveries failing or something.  You can safely clean up
anything over a day or so old in there.

Cyrus "append" works by spooling the file into the stage.
directory, then parsing the file.  Finally it hardlinks (if
possible, otherwise copies) the file into place in the
actual mailbox directory.  Amongst other things, this is
good for single-instance store, where every copy is a hardlink
to the file in stage.

Finally it unlinks the copy in stage.

If anything goes wrong in between, the file in stage. is left

Bron ( I guess it would be sane to "rm -f stage./*" during
       the startup script, or just tmpreaper it occasionally )

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