Pause while selecting INBOX

Rob Mueller robm at
Sun Sep 28 03:28:43 EDT 2008

> I'd probably use imtest to connect, get the PID of the server process
> that I'm connected to, and then attach to that process with ktrace
> (or whatever) with timestamps enabled.  Then I'd select the mailbox
> -- this is assuming that mutt is only issuing a select when it says
> "Selecting INBOX".  Obviously it could be doing any number of
> things.  You can get positive confirmation of which command is taking
> a long time by enabling telemetry, of course.

Using ktrace/strace may not actually be that helpful. cyrus read accesses 
most files via mmaped memory. The problem is that opening a file + mmaping 
it might be quick, but then when the process does a memory access to the 
mmapped region, the whole process is "put to sleep" waiting on the 
underlying page fault to finish doing the IO. That doesn't show up in 
strace/ktrace because it's just a memory access, not a system call.

In general, tracing where IO bottlenecks are occuring can be quite tricky.


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