IMAP Date-Time format for Append

Rob Mueller robm at
Fri Sep 26 23:40:47 EDT 2008

  We're pretty sure this is related to the timezone being represented as a short name, as opposed to in numeric format (+0400, etc.). The IMAP spec is vague on whether or not this format should be accepted. I believe that this has to do with the way the function from the C Library converts the string, but am not sure. 
The spec isn't vague at all:
append          = "APPEND" SP mailbox [SP flag-list] [SP date-time] SP
date-time       = DQUOTE date-day-fixed "-" date-month "-" date-year
                  SP time SP zone DQUOTE
zone            = ("+" / "-") 4DIGIT
                    ; Signed four-digit value of hhmm representing
                    ; hours and minutes east of Greenwich (that is,
                    ; the amount that the given time differs from
                    ; Universal Time).  Subtracting the timezone
                    ; from the given time will give the UT form.
                    ; The Universal Time zone is "+0000".
 Seems pretty clear that what the client is doing is broken. Having said that, the parsing code is in cyrus, so changing the C library won't help. You'll need to dig into the cyrus source.Rob
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