cyr_expire signaled to death by 11

Dominique LALOT dom.lalot at
Thu Sep 25 12:07:43 EDT 2008

Per olof Ljungmark a écrit :
> No idea why, comments anyone? A limitation of some sort when expunging a
> lot of messages?
> cyr_expire [96599]: Expunged 3005 messages from user.myuser.Trash
> cyr_expire[96599]: expunged 4907 out of 109443 messages from 143 mailboxes
> master[833]: process 96599 exited, signaled to death by 11
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I got many of that messages after an unexpected shutdown  of our SAN.
Just reconstruct your mailboxes
Most of the time you can find them in the log and you can reconstruct 
them via my perl script

open (FIC,"</var/log/imapd.log") or die "Ouverture imapd.log impossible $!";
# Sep 18 15:34:43 smtp imap[13895]: DBERROR: opening 
/var/lib/imap/user/l/l^e.seen: cyrusdb error
while (<FIC>){
   if (/DBERROR: opening (\S+): cyrusdb error/) {$HBadSeen{$1}=1;}
   elsif (/smtp (imap|pop3|pop3s|imaps)\[(\d+)\]: open: user (\S+) /){
   elsif (/process (\d+) exited, signaled/){
      #print "mbox ".$Hpid{$1}." damaged\n";
foreach (sort keys %badbox){
   print "reconstruct: $_\n";
   `su - cyrus -c "reconstruct -rf user/$_"`;
   `su - cyrus -c "quota -f user/$_"`;
foreach (keys %HBadSeen){
   print "Correction seen: $_\n";
   `/bin/rm $_`;


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