Sieve: UTF-7 changes in 2.3.12p2?

Rob Mueller robm at
Tue Sep 23 18:22:24 EDT 2008

> The mail is delivered to the INBOX (user.fri)
> The delivery is tried to user.fri.t&-APY-ster, NOT user.fri.t&APY-ster
> Any hints where the error occurs?


Sieve scripts are in utf-8. You now have to use the true utf-8 name of the 
folder in your sieve script, and it's automatically converted to the 
modified utf-7 folder name internally.

This change is noted in the changelog for 2.3.11

The Sieve compiler now translates UTF-8 mailbox names used in fileinto to 
modified UTF-7 so that messages will be successfully inserted into the 

The old way of using the modified utf-7 form in the sieve script was really 
wrong and hacky.


PS. It would be nice if was 
kept up to date or removed... it's very old.

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