suggestion need to design an email system.

Vincent Fox vbfox at
Thu Sep 18 10:11:02 EDT 2008

David Lang wrote:
> and gaining some new worries along the way. while some are convinced that ZFS is 
> the best thing ever others see it as trading a set of known problems for a set 
> of unknown problems (plus it severly limits what OS you can run, which can bring 
> it's own set of problems along)

All I know is this:

After running ZFS for the Cyrus mailstores for a year now I'd never go back.
If someone told me here's a bunch of white-box PC hardware we want you to
run OS-Y and filesystem J I'd say find another boy to run it or double 
my paycheck.
For trustworthy mail-storage there isn't anything comparable and you 
know how
nervous people get about mail outages.  I haven't had to look at an fsck 
in over a year, and that is sufficient reason for me.  Being able to run 
a scrub while
the system is live after replacing a disk, with no impact, just to be 
sure it's clean
is way into bonus points.

But we already run both Solaris & Linux so it wasn't an "unknown" for us.


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