Cyrus IMAP and saslauthd

Egoitz Aurrekoetxea egoitz at
Sun Sep 14 11:12:21 EDT 2008

Hi mates,

I'm running Cyrus IMAP without saslauthd with cyrus-sasl library at this
moment and integrated with Postfix. The OS I'm running is FreeBSD... it has
taken me sometime to set up this testing server... I have tried several
times to set cyrus imap auth against saslauthd... I can't get my goal so now
have had to switch to auxprop with mysql... but this IMHO has a little
disadvantage... with saslauthd and X number of procceses forked you have
like a "pool" of connections (what in postfix config is called proxy daemon
too) but without saslauthd and with bulk connections to database through
auxprop perhaps you could cause DOS to you're mysql server if you receive a
dictionarie attack for example... I have read that it's possible to set
saslauthd with mysql BUT without crypted passwords on database... that
wouldn't mind me... could you please advise some howto or doc please? All
doc I found is for being set up with crypted passwords and through pam...
but this has run me into some troubles in freebsd... because I think
pam-mysql doesn't work quite nice on freebsd... so could you please advise
me some doc or howto setup cyrus imap and postfix auth through saslauthd? I
think it's a concept problem because I don't understand quite well how
saslauth works and will config file reads and so...

Zenk really.

Egoitz Aurrekoetxea
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