reconstruct doing nothing

Jo Rhett jrhett at
Mon Mar 31 21:42:12 EDT 2008

>> *sigh*  No, not in a virtual domain environment they don't.  Try  
>> adding
>> 13a. Run "su cyrus -c '/usr/local/cyrus/bin/reconstruct -x -f  
>> user.username/*'".
>> 13b. Run "su cyrus -c '/usr/local/cyrus/bin/reconstruct -x -f  
>> user.username/*/*'".
>> 13c. Run "su cyrus -c '/usr/local/cyrus/bin/reconstruct -x -f  
>> user.username/*/*/*'".
>> 13d. Run "su cyrus -c '/usr/local/cyrus/bin/reconstruct -x -f  
>> user.username/*/*/*/*'".
>> ...etc whatever depth of folders people have.
> Maybe I'm rehashing the earlier discussion...  Does "reconstruct -x  
> -f user.username at" fail to detect new mailboxes?

Yes, see the bugs often reported on this list and in the bugzilla for  

> Also, why the multiple * parameters (user.username/*/*/*)?  I  
> thought % matched up to a folder separator boundary (. or / in  
> Cyrus) and * matched everything including a folder separator.

That didn't work for me.  I had to use the commands I listed above.

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