Upgrading from Cyrus 2.1 to 2.3 (question about backends)

Steeve Gagnon S.Gagnon at USherbrooke.ca
Mon Mar 31 13:59:11 EDT 2008

Hello !

We are planning an upgrade to Cyrus 2.3.7

Currently, we have some servers, running different versions of Cyrus mail :
- mupdate running Cyrus v2.1.18
- 2 frontends running Cyrus v2.1.18, others frontends running v2.2.12
- All our backends are running Cyrus v 2.2.12

Our goal is to upgrade all servers to Cyrus 2.3.7 (version provided by 
Redhat), but I have pressure to install some bakends at first, then 
after, upgrade the others servers. Of course, I would prefer if these 
new backends could use Cyrus 2.3.7

So my question is :
Do backends running Cyrus v2.3 work with an mupdate server running Cyrus 
2.1 ?

Until now, as a test, I installed a frontend running 2.3.7 and it seems 
to work fine with our mupdate server (but I didn't make intensive 
tests). But, before reconfiguring this server as a backend, I did a 
ctl_mboxlist -d (dump Cyrus database) and realized that the output 
doesn't have the same format as for version 2.2.12 : It seems to have an 
extra field (probably the mailbox type flags ?).

So, since I don't really have a true environnement for testing, I'm less 
willing to insert a new backend running Cyrus 2.3

So my question remains :
Do someone knows if a Cyrus backend v2.3 can run fine with a Cyrus 
mupdate server running version 2.1 ?

Thanks for your help.


Steeve Gagnon

Courriel : Steeve.Gagnon at USherbrooke.ca

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