reconstruct doing nothing

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Fri Mar 28 19:24:12 EDT 2008

On Fri, 28 Mar 2008, Bart Coninckx wrote:

>> Add "/*" and "/*/*" to the reconstruction path and it works.  Gabor's
>> patch might also work for you. (I haven't tested yet)
>> Tom Bryntesen wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> What's the conclusion on this problem? Anyone? I'm also struggling trying to
>>> recreate a users e-mails...
>>> Running: Cyrus v2.2.12-Debian-2.2.12-4ubuntu1 with LMTPA on a
>>> Ubuntu-system...
>>> [kernel 2.6.15-27-server]...
>>> - bryntez -
> Reconstructs for me still aren't working, whatever suggestion I follow. 
> What I do know is using kmail (kde) to restore all mails in a particular 
> restored folder. Cyrus is awesome in stability and performance, but 
> restoring stuff is, to say the least, a challenge.

These are the exact steps I follow when I recover email for a user from 
our tape backups:

1. Locate user's mail directory 
2. Change to that directory.
3. Make a RESTORE directory (mkdir RESTORE).
4. Fix ownership/perms (chown cyrus:mail RESTORE; chmod 700 RESTORE).
5. Change to the directory containing the mail folder the user wants 
6. Run 'recover', the Legato backup client.
7. 'changetime' to change the time to recover data from.
8. 'add filename' to add the files to restore.  To restore all the 
messages in the folder, use 'add *.'.
9. 'relocate RESTORE' to recover files into the RESTORE directory instead 
of the current directory.
10. 'recover' to recover the files.
11. 'quit' to quit out of the recover program.
12. Create a dummy cyrus.header file "(touch RESTORE/cyrus.header; chown 
cyrus:mail RESTORE/cyrus.header; chmod 600 RESTORE/cyrus.header).
13. Run "su cyrus -c '/usr/local/cyrus/bin/reconstruct -x -f 
14. Run "su cyrus -c '/usr/local/cyrus/bin/quota -f user.username'".

Obviously you'll need to tweak these a bit for your environment, but these 
steps DO work.


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