Help please, cyrus imapd production system down

Mike Eggleston mikeegg1 at
Wed Mar 26 11:13:15 EDT 2008

On Wed, 26 Mar 2008, mikeegg1 might have said:

> Sometime during the night something happend to my imap store about
> (23:19 CST). I have executed 'ctl_mboxlist -u < $backup' from two days
> ago to recover the mboxlist and have done a 'reconstruct -r user.$USER'
> for a few users to get their $USER.seen folders working again. The process
> lmtpunix is aborting, I cannot receive email (sendmail to deliver). I
> can still send mail out (through sendmail) so that part's working.
> I'm concerned that I need to recover my primary imap databases.
> Can someone help me diagnose what's going on and how to fix it (and what happened)?
> I am a small site with less than 30 email accounts in cyrus.
> There were no cyrus, sendmail, nor other email changes yesterday.

I recovered my /var/lib/imap/*.db files from backups and it seems like
cyrus is running ok now, but when sendmail gives a message to deliver
the message is always Deferred.


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