Can Cyrus deliver to a default mailbox?

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> I am using Cyrus Imap 2.3 with Sendmail 8.14. I am new to both programs
> so I may not be interpreting the results correctly. But it appears that
> all mail to the system is received by sendmaiil as if the recipient is
> valid regardless of whether or not a user & mailbox exists in Cyrus.

that's correct.

> The
> sendmail output from the sending system looks like:
>     >>> RCPT To:<baduser at>
>     >>> DATA
>     250 2.1.5 <baduser at>... Recipient okThe message ends
> up queued for delivery and a non delivery message is generated after the
> retry period expires.
> All mail to unknown users needs to be delivered to a "catchall" mailbox.
> Currently sendmail
> has a define for LUSER_RELAY and the imapd.conf file has an entry of
> soft_nouath: 0.
> So, I have two questions (I think either one will solve the problem)
> 1 - can Cyrus accept and deliver all messages to a default mailbox if the
> user / mailbox doesn't exist?

See below.

> 2 - Is there a way for Cyrus to tell sendmail that the user doesn't
> exist?

Yes. In fact there are several ways. We're using sendmail's virtusertable 
feature. You need an entry for each user. We've added the following entry:   error:5.1.1:550 User unknown

So all addresses not explicitly listed will be handled as errors. You could 
just as well redirect all mail to unknown users to a specific catch-all 

Another approach is this one:


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