sizing cyrus installation and current performance improvements?

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Mon Mar 24 12:19:30 EDT 2008

> I've noticed that sometimes I get some error like "imap server not
> reponding..."
> I now things are woking ok.... if you wait a
> few seconds and try to repeat the action, then it is executed with no
> error...
> I run sendmail and cyrus in the same box (dell 2850,
> 8GB of ram, 2 dual core xeon @ 2GHz) with 1TB of space; mailstore is in
> xfs, on centos 4.4 64bit).
> I have about 30k accounts, 19k
> getting emails and about 4k loging in regular basis...
> I
> was wondering if there is anything I can do to improve performance in
> cyrus... maybe more forks, increase ram.... start thinking about migrating
> to gmail ;-)  ?
> I know this might off topic/group, but if
> there is anyone out there that knows the answers for the same questions
> but for sendmail?

Well, you don't provide much info on your configuration so I guess that's
why nobody answered.
>From the specs I don't think you should see that kind of problems. It also
seems that cyrus is not alone with it's problem since you also mention
sendmail. That makes me feel that you hit some general limit somewhere.
What first comes to mind is /dev/random. If you use /dev/random you may
want to try /dev/urandom instead.


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