delete messages from a mailboxe matching corresponding SUBJECT header

Vladi Lemurov fix at
Sun Mar 23 16:54:31 EDT 2008


We're using a special mail account to backup all sent and recieved 
letters so that we could recover every letter the user have deleted 
accidentally. We also have a spam filter which marks all incoming mail.
Today I've recovered a letter for a user and noticed that this backup 
account is full of "!! SPAM" marked letters. I've written a sieve
filter for incoming mail for this account, and now we don't backup such 
letters but what should we do with all these gigs(!) of spam letters in 
backup account? I've read man for ipurge, but it doesn't seem to have 
the ability of deleting mail by matching headers?

Is there some way to do that, I mean to delete all messages marked in 
subject as "!! SPAM" by means of cyrus tools?

Another solution could be to write a parsing script and then do 
'reconstruct', but could this be achieved by means of cyrus tools?
	Vladi Lemuroff.

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