reconstruct doing nothing

Bart Coninckx info at
Fri Mar 21 11:19:43 EDT 2008

>What cyrus version?  I'm using 2.3.10.

Old stuff, but I'm somewhat reluctant to upgrade ... 

>Also note that it is not because reconstruct tells you a thing it isn't 
>doing a thing.

Obviously  :-) the verboseness of reconstruct is somewhat shortcoming if you
ask me. 

>E.g. if the folders are already in the mailboxes.db file then it won't 
>tell you a thing.  It should say 'discovered new folder' for new a new 

It doesn't. The user had previously deleted the folder in his mailclient, so
I guess mailboxes.db was updated to that. 

>Did you already login for that user?

In the mailclient? Yes, nothing there. No folders to see. 

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